WCCAN High School Student Ambassador Program

Wayne County College Access Network (WCCAN) is thrilled to roll out the WCCAN High School Student Ambassador Program. The WCCAN High School Student Ambassador Program is a stipend Paid Work Experience through SEMCA and WCCAN. The goal of the program is to help build our students’ resumes, create leadership opportunities, and build on those transferable skills while helping to educate the student population on the importance of setting their post-secondary goals.

What to Expect

Our WCCAN High School Ambassador will assist with FAFSA completion goals (this will be customized by school), work closely with career advisors, youth leaders and teachers, work with WCCAN leadership, and engage in career exploration activities. They will also become a member of the WCCAN High School Ambassador Board where they will be able to collaborate with WCCAN High School Student Ambassadors from other districts to share ideas and gain camaraderie.

How to Nominate

WCCAN is certain that this will be a game changer. If you are a teacher, counselor, academic professional, youth leader, or a community leader and would like to nominate a Junior or Senior high school student to serve as a WCCAN High School Student Ambassador, please share and have your student(s) fill out the WCCAN High School Student Ambassador Form. We are looking for students who are engaged, eager and ready to help their peers explore and develop resources to get them prepared and excited for their futures.

Resource Information:
WCCAN High School Student Ambassador Form
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