The Importance of Sharing Your Alma Mater

As a parent, your educational background can play a significant role in your child’s college application process. This guide highlights the importance of sharing your alma mater and educational history with your college-bound student.

Sharing Your Educational Background

If you attended college, trade school, or any other post-secondary institution, it’s important to share this information with your child. Not only does this provide them with a better understanding of your educational journey, but it can also influence their own path to higher education.

Parent’s Education on College Applications

Many college and trade school applications include questions about the educational background of the applicant’s parents. This can include the level of education attained and the specific institutions attended. By sharing your alma mater with your child, you can ensure they have all the necessary information when filling out their applications.

In some cases, being a legacy applicant – a student whose parent graduated from the same institution – can have an impact on the admissions process. While policies vary by institution, some colleges may consider legacy status as one factor among many in their admissions decisions.

In conclusion, as a parent, your educational history is a valuable piece of information for your child’s college application process. By sharing your alma mater and educational experiences, you can provide your child with a fuller picture of their family history and potentially influence their educational journey.

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