Support for First of Family

Being the first in your family to attend college is a significant milestone. However, navigating the college application process can be challenging without prior family experience. This guide provides resources and support for first-generation college students and their families.

Understanding First-Generation Students

A first-generation college student is defined as a student whose parents did not attend college. If your child is the first one in your family to attend college, they are considered a first-generation student. This status can open up access to additional resources and support.

First-Generation Student Offices

Many colleges and universities have offices dedicated to supporting first-generation students. These offices can provide assistance with various aspects of the college experience, including filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), securing housing, and finding funding opportunities.

First-Generation Scholarships

Numerous universities and private organizations offer scholarships specifically for first-generation students. When searching for scholarships, use keywords like “First Generation Student,” “First of Family,” or “First Gen” to find opportunities tailored to first-generation students.

University of Michigan First-Generation Students Information Page

The University of Michigan provides a wealth of resources for first-generation students on their First Generation Students Information Page. This page includes information about scholarships, support services, and programs designed to help first-generation students succeed.

In conclusion, being a first-generation college student is an accomplishment to be proud of. With the right resources and support, first-generation students can navigate the college application process successfully and thrive in their higher education journey. Remember, help is available, and you are not alone in this journey.

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UofM First Generation Students Information
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