MI Echo Scholarship

The Michigan ECHO Scholarship is a unique financial aid program designed to support individuals who hold immigration statuses that prevent them from accessing federal financial aid. This scholarship aims to bridge the gap and provide these individuals with the opportunity to pursue higher education.

A Last-Dollar Scholarship

The Michigan ECHO Scholarship operates as a “last-dollar” scholarship. This means it covers the remaining balance of tuition, contact hours, and other mandatory fees after all other forms of scholarships and grants have been applied. This can significantly reduce the financial burden of higher education for recipients.

Privacy and Discretion

One of the key features of the Michigan ECHO Scholarship is its commitment to protecting the identity of its recipients. The scholarship exercises discretion regarding the immigration status and addresses of recipients. This ensures that students can pursue their education without fear of their information being misused or their privacy being compromised.


The Michigan ECHO Scholarship is a valuable resource for individuals with certain immigration statuses, providing them with the financial support they need to pursue higher education. By covering tuition and other mandatory fees, and ensuring the privacy and security of its recipients, the Michigan ECHO Scholarship is making higher education more accessible and inclusive.

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