Adulting 101 (A Six-Part Series), Part 1: Who am I? 

By: Danielle Funderburg, SEMCA Young Professionals Program (SYPP) Coordinator and Wayne RESA Board Member

Growing up, I couldn’t wait to be grown and on my own! 

I had dreams of getting a new job, nice car, a house, clothes, etc., and certainly not in that order. I knew what I wanted and what I needed, but I was clueless on where to start, who to talk to and how to access it. In reality, I needed help! 

In this six-part series, I will share what you need to begin the journey to adulthood. Sorry to burst your bubble, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but it does have its benefits. It takes hard work, planning and consistency to survive and then thrive. 

Throughout the age of mankind, the most mind-wrenching question you’ll be asked is “Why am I here?”. For some of us, it’s an easy question to answer but for many, we are still trying to figure it out. Let me reassure you, it’s okay to still be figuring it out. And for many older people they are evolving daily into those purposes.  

When I say purpose, I define it as having a desire to want to improve, help or transform an industry, service, or system. What keeps you up at night thinking about it and what gets you excited to share and engage in with whomever will listen. You may have one or several answers for this question. That’s where you start. By identifying what you feel your purpose is, (not what your parents or friends think-although helpful) it will help you anchor your exploration. 

You also want to discover your personality type. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you enjoy working with a team or independently? Do you rely on your gut feelings or facts when decision-making? These are all great questions to get your mind churning on what makes you tick! 

WCCAN and SEMCA have some great resources to help you answer these questions. 

My favorite is Career Explorer, it’s a personality and career test in one assessment. Here are other resources: 


My Next Move 

O*Net Online 

123test Career Aptitude Test 

Each test ranges from five to thirty minutes. Take the test – it’s well worth your time! Come back soon as I talk about Goal Setting: Education to Career. 


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  3. Financial Aid (FAFSA) 
  4. Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills 
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